On-Demand Marketing Communications


Allow your team to order what they need, when they need it, without impacting your workflow.

Access All Your Collateral Under One Portal

Unlimited Possibilities

Marketing collateral, business stationery, direct mail - even digital marketing campaigns. There is no limit to the type of material Sidekick can deliver.

  • Spend Less to Deliver More

    One-demand delivery of static, personalized, and variable data pieces means you print less. No more waste!

  • Self Service Ordering

    Approved users can order brand-compliant materials from any internet enabled device.

  • 100% Brand Compliant

    Every template or customization option can be preset, or routed for approval if necessary, so your materials are always brand compliant.

  • True Localized Campaigns

    Upload a template, then allow users to localize offers to better target their local demographic or market.

  • Exeptionally Fast

    Pre-produced products ship within 1 business day, and on-demand products typically ship in the same week.

  • All of This, Done For You

    Our team handles everything from setting up your templates for local customization to packing and shipping materials to their destination.

We handle the busy work

Empower Your Team and Free Up Your Time

Sidekick enables your stakeholders to order customized collateral without interupting crucial marketing operations. They order it, L&R fulfills, and billing goes directly to their departmental budget.

How Sidekick Works:

Step 1


Users login with their own private credentials.

Step 2

Choose Items

They select from marketing collateral you pre-approved.

Step 3

Customize Items

Users can customize items within parameters you preset per item.

Step 4

Pick a Delivery Date

Tell L&R when and where they need the order delivered.

Step 5


Users pay with their own card, so all fees for items hit their dept. overhead. Not yours.

What can Sidekick do for you?

Sidekick helps you overcome the challenges that prevent your team from focusing on more strategic marketing initiatives.

  • Distribute all your marketing assets from one location
  • Automate marketing collateral orders
  • Create re-usable templates that users can customize to their needs
  • Control budgets with approval workflows and department controls

Spend less time handling random marketing requests and more time focusing on strategic growth initiatives.

Experience A Better Way

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