…The Beginning

L&R was founded in 1933, as even the depths of the depression couldn’t stop Mr. Bill Lellyett and members of the Rogers family, specifically Mr. Roy M. Rogers and his daughter, Milbrey Rogers Dugger, from embracing their passion to serve others.

We began with letterpress printing services specifically for shoe carton labels to Genesco, the major shoe manufacturer based in Nashville.



World War II Thru the 60s

Innovation has been in our bones from the beginning. Our first big breakthrough came early. During WWII, Genesco moved into full scale military footwear production which eliminated the shoe carton labels L&R had been producing.  L&R responded by upgrading their services and equipment to offer custom-printed stationery, forms, invoices, business cards and related products for our clients. As a result of adopting these new service offerings, L&R became a ‘General Stationer’ to many Nashville‐based businesses.


The 1970s

In the late 60’s the company was sold to printing salesman David Brumfield, Jr. of Nashville. Eventually his son, David ‘Pat’ Brumfield led the company in the pursuit and development of strategic sheet‐fed offset printing.

Sparking the dawn of a new era, the specialized printing that Pat and the L&R team mastered soon attracted a client that needed a new way to communicate design and construction documents–Hospital Corporation of America.


HCA’s request was for construction documents that could be printed in high resolution offset presses, using a standard recipe of colors to indicate specific technical elements of the design drawing’s communication.

The benefits were countless: clearer communication, more accurate  and therefore lower bids made possible by more detailed construction documentation, and the correction of conflicts while still in the design phase (when they’re much, much easier to fix).

HCA’s consultants visited with 8 other printing companies prior to L&R, all of whom determined that economical processes to achieve HCA’s goals could not be developed.

Once again proving that we take on all information management challenges brought our way, Pat and the L&R team believed it could be done and became the only company to ever master the process, resulting in the company participating in hospital construction projects across the U.S. and many parts of the free world.

Dawn of the Digital Age

Our experts had been operating in a computerized environment since the 1980’s, making it a synergistic no brainer for us to step in and offer digital information management services.

From technical document management and systems for display to the allowance for secure consumption of this technical information–we strove to be heroes for design and construction teams and facility owners’ staffs and consultants.



Birth of a New Division

Technical innovations continued in the 1980’s and gave birth to our Facilities Information Services Division.

Our innovative leap forward was a result of Pat enlisting childhood friend Bryan Dyer to accelerate our mastery of digital information systems.

Bryan’s background in electronics with the U.S. Navy led to a number of computer‐aided enhancements, including the design and construction of the only laser imaging device to take CADD data from magnetic tape and output imaged film for offset press platemaking.

We were soon working with complex construction projects, such as nuclear and fossil fuel sourced energy plants, and military projects.

Our Facilities Information Services (FIS) Division is now one of the largest providers of Service Powered Technologies for design teams and facility owners, especially as it relates to complex infrastructure and technical information.


The 2000s, and Beyond…

We soon leveraged our breakthroughs in the FIS division to enable digital print solutions for commercial customers.

In 2000, the company’s Communication Services Division (COMM) launched its first web‐to‐print solution using software designed by L&R’s software development team.

As the web‐to‐print world grew, L&R wielded our in‐house expertise to execute custom interfaces and develop client specific ‘tailoring’ of third-party platforms to let clients do more with less.

In 2005 Pat and Bryan, looking toward retirement, encouraged Scott Edwards, a valued vendor for L&R, to move from Rhode Island to Nashville and invest in the company.  Scott has helped the company accelerate its growth by expanding services to AECO clients and Facility Owners with increased focus on information management and healthcare facility compliance services.

Not long after, in 2007, Scott encouraged a former colleague and co‐worker, Phil Wheeler, to move from Rhode Island and invest in the company. Phil brought an enhanced discipline in process development and execution, measurement and continuous improvement.

Today, we define our business as helping client organizations manage, produce and distribute information.

Just as at our inception in the 1930’s, we still have a passion for customer service and innovation.
Thank you for giving us opportunity to make your job easier for these last eight decades and beyond.

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