Facility Compliance and O&M Information Management Services for Healthcare Facilities

Stop managing your facilities with the same outdated methods. Let L&R help your team adopt a better way to design, build, operate, maintain, and manage accreditation in your healthcare facilities.

L&R’s Optix family of information management services helps Healthcare Facility Managers improve Operations & Maintenance performance and turn Compliance Survey Readiness from episodic to continuous.

L&R's Compliance Tools are trusted by more than 1,500 hospitals across the USA.

L&R Offers Services that Support the Following Compliance Accreditation Standards:

Our compliance tools are revised and vetted for accuracy each time the relevant governing body publishes revised accreditation standards

In Depth Analysis of Compliance Documentation Requirements

Trained professionals review published updates to compliance standards

Peer Reviewed by Industry Professionals

Compliance documentation requirements are sent to professional facility managers for on-the-job review

Reviewed and Updated Continuously to Stay Current

Our team reviews the standards annually or anytime the governing body releases new standards

Our Services for Healthcare Facilities

L&R Can Dramatically Improve Your Accreditation Survey Readiness and Facility Management Best Practices

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