Printing, Order Management and Distribution Services for Educators and Curriculum Designers

No matter what you’re teaching, L&R’s expertise in the printing and distribution of supplemental materials will make you a master professor.

Our experienced professionals get to know you, your products and your process so that we can find ways to help improve accessibility and procurement of your supplemental teaching materials. From printing to fulfillment, we have the tools to help streamline your operations and get your materials in end-users hands faster than ever.

With L&R, one plus one really can equal three. Let us show you how we can help you do more with less.

L&R Offers Services to Support Educators and Curriculum Designers Across the US:

Our state-of-the-art digital production presses allow us to meet the needs of educators and curriculum designers across the US.
Color Pages/Hour
B&W Pages/Hour

Our Services for the Education Market

Stakeholders place orders online, and L&R's experts fulfill with warehousing, production & distribution of your materials on-demand.

Sidekick delivers marketing-on-demand print services, and preproduced inventory/kit ordering to end users through a user-friendly online storefront that is customized to fit your needs.

L&R has the capacity to help you manage, produce and distribute information in countless forms of media.

Since 1933, L&R has been providing expert communications service to clients in need, helping them manage, produce, and distribute their message. It was all on the letterpress back then. Today, we offer a number of cloud-based information management and distribution solutions, but have not forgotten our foundations in the print service industry.

Search, Share and Manage All Your Digital Media Assets From Our Cloud-Based Platform

Curator is a web-based platform that enables enterprise-users to search, share, and reuse photos, videos and other files; all pulled from a powerful centrally-managed library. Say goodbye to tracking down those assets in archived disks and drives and start using the tool that puts them at your fingertips 24/7.
L&R Can Prepare your Materials in Advance and Deliver them On-Demand to Educators Across the USA

No need for large warehouses or storage facilities. Using the power of L&R’s Sidekick, combined with our excellent printing and fulfillment services, L&R can create an on-demand store front for educators to order your education materials.

We can even facilitate custom packaging or labeling for your shipments, so there is no need to worry about your materials ending up in a storage closet. Our team can make sure your label is prominently displayed on the shipping package so your clients can see it coming and don’t miss a beat in their classroom.


L&R Can Increase the Reach of Your Education Materials

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