Document Management Services for Building Owners

Facility Services lay the ground work for every institution. Our team understands this, and is passionate about making sure you have the tools to create and maintain safe environments.

From the first sketch to ongoing operations, facility professionals have a myriad of needs that are critical to the operation and maintenance of the built environment. Whether it is finding the current set of construction drawings or locating an obscure shut-off valve, our Document Control Specialists keep your information clear, correct, and complete.

Decades of Experience Helping the AECO Industry

We’ve been in the business of helping the AECO industry produce drawings and project documentation for nearly 50 years. In fact, we partnered with one of the largest healthcare owners in the country to pioneer an improved method of producing construction documents that would lead to improvements in communication, and more accurate and lower construction bids.

Our Services for Built Environments

Digital document archival and organization services for your facilities vital drawings and documents.

L&R has created a team of Certified Document Technologists (CDTs) to provide game-changing information management services to help architects, engineers and owners of hospitals and other complex facilities and infrastructure share, archive and collaborate on key facility documents.

We Build Your Database

Whether your archives are old paper blueprints, large format drawings, or boxes of CDs and disk drives, no document is too old, complicated or dilapidated for our document professionals. L&R can stop the aging process by converting your physical archives to a cloud-based, organized, digital archive.

Working on a new project? Our Document Control Specialists do the heavy lifting and keep your database current throughout the project. We collaborate with the project team to collect and audit your closeout documentation to ensure you have the information you need to operate and maintain your facility for years to come. 

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